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Koala Kids

Nestle into the world of Koala Kids, where soothing stories and mindful adventures unfold without a flicker of a screen, blending soothing bedtime narratives with engaging, educational content across four distinct shows:

🌕 Koala Moon: The #1 Kids bedtime story & sleep meditation show, with original tales and colourful characters that relax young minds into tranquil dreams.

☀️ Koala Shine: Kids Stories that kindle young imaginations with engaging adventures that educate and inspire! Our tales nurture mindfulness, resilience, and a lifelong love for learning, empowering young minds to explore, grow, and shine brightly. 

🐣 Koala Tots: Tailored bedtime stories and sweet lullabies for babies and toddlers, cradling our tiniest listeners into peaceful sleep, night after night.

💤 Koala Sleep Sounds: Delicate and calming ambient sleep sounds, music and noise guiding babies, toddlers and kids to a restful sleep, all the night through. 

At Koala Kids, our mission radiates through every tale and melody – to foster healthier, happier lives for children via mindful entertainment and sleep therapeutics. Join us in nurturing curious minds and gentle nights, in the magical world of Koala Kids.

Let's Dream and Grow Together!
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